Rawhide for Dogs

Rawhide remains one of the most popular dog treats on the market today. It is cheap, long lasting and can be easily molded into different shapes. Rawhide for dogs is readily available in most pet stores and dogs love it.

Rawhide bones are popular dog treats

Rawhide bones are popular dog treats

What is Rawhide for Dogs?

Rawhide for dogs is basically just a tough untanned leather product which is produced as a byproduct of the beef industry. It is then cut and shaped into bones ready for your dog to enjoy.

Why Give a Dog Rawhide Bones?

All dogs have a natural instinct to chew so it’s important to provide them with the means to fulfill this craving. If neglect to do this then you may find that your home furnishings, shoes and the occasional remote control quickly reduced to dust.

Giving your dog or puppy something to chew on, such as a rawhide bone, is a great way to provide this stimulus and other benefits such as to reduce boredom, build jaw muscles and improve dental hygiene.

Rawhide Facts

Not all rawhide bones are created equal. They can vary in the quality of the rawhide itself and the way that it is turned into a dog treat.

American rawhide for dogs is considered one of the best quality products on the market due to the quality of the hide and lack of toxic chemical additives.

Some rawhide treats contain a filling, making them more tasty for your canine friend, but there is a chance that this will prompt your pet to bite off pieces of the bone which increases the risk of chocking.

Whilst some bones are made from a single strip or rawhide others are made from compressed rawhide that can break apart easily. You should always check with the manufacturer if you are unsure of the specifications.

The Dangers of Rawhide

Concerns have arisen over the past several years as to the dangers of rawhide for dogs, most of which are because of the fact that rawhide can be a chocking hazard if small bits are swallowed by your dog. This could be said to be true of any small object that your dog chews on and you should always watch your dog while it is eating.

If you are worried about giving rawhide to your dog or puppy then you should read the article is rawhide for dogs good or bad.

Alternatives to Rawhide Bones and Dog Treats

There are several alternatives to rawhide bones such as Bully Sticks (100% beef), Nylabone (Synthetic) and Smartbones (made from chicken breast). Whatever type of dog chew you decide upon you should always monitor your pet when chewing to ensure that it doesn’t swallow large pieces.

If your dog or puppy appears to have any issues after playing with a treat or toy then it would be wise to contact a veterinarian asap.

How to Choose Rawhide Dog Treats Online

Although rawhide treats are easily purchased at pet stores you may find it more convenient to buy them online. Due to the amount of competition online you can often get a better deal buying through a respected pet food dealer. If you find that you are buying them regularly then you should consider buying them wholesale in bulk for the best deals.

Most Popular Rawhide Dog Chews, Treats and Bones

Braided rawhide chews for dogs

Braided rawhide chews

Natural rawhide bones for dogs

Natural rawhide bones

Natural rawhide chew rolls for dogs

Natural rawhide chew rolls

Natural rawhide strips for dogs

Natural rawhide strips